Your Go-To Guide: All Things Recovery

In the last blog we took a deep dive into rest days, active recovery, and why they should be a vital part of your fitness regimen. As promised, I have compiled a guide to enhance your recovery (and overall wellness) and provide you with resources and products I not only use myself, but also recommend to my patients on a daily basis.

Foam roller

My #1 recommendation and one of my favorite tools to use myself. I love foam rollers because they are so versatile. When searching for a foam roller, I always recommend looking for a standard, high-density one in a size that fits your needs. My go-to is the OPTP 36” and is what I use with patients and sell in my office. Nowadays it seems there are all kinds of tricked out foam rollers with bumps, textures, or fancy designs, but I am a big believer that simpler is better when it comes to this tool.

Tip: Foam rollers usually work best for larger muscle groups. I most commonly use mine to work my hips and quads and roll out my mid/upper back.

Lacrosse ball/pinky ball

A lacrosse ball is one of the cheapest, most effective tools out there for self-myofascial release and trigger point work. My favorite is the OPTP brand, but any type of firm lacrosse ball or tennis ball will do the trick as well. Use it while laying on the ground or up against the wall to target areas of tension or tricky trigger points.

Tip: Lacrosse balls are typically most effective for smaller muscle groups. I most commonly use mine on my upper traps and shoulders.

Normatec recovery boots

For the price point, I’m definitely not suggesting everyone go out and buy their own pair to have at home, but many chiropractic and physical therapy offices (including my own) have them for use. The Normatec sleeves use air to compress your legs and improve blood flow/circulation, aid in recovery, and improve muscle soreness. Not to mention they feel amazing and are incredibly relaxing.

Tip: My Normatec sleeves are always free to use if you’re an existing patient of mine. You can inquire about a session here OR if you’re not an existing patient, you can use them at a rate of $1/minute.


Dr. Tracey Dalton – Harvest Chiropractic & Wellness

Dry needling, cupping, chiropractic, pregnancy & postpartum care

8301 Cody Dr. Ste E&F Lincoln, NE (inside Victress)

Instagram: @harvestchirone

Drs. Brian Bayer & Olivia Johnson – Ascend Chiropractic

Chiropractic, Active Release Techniques, acupuncture, rehabilitation

5611 NW 1st St. Suite 105 Lincoln, NE

Instagram: @ascendchiropracticne

Dr. Dakota Boellstorff – Delta Chiropractic

Dry needling, cupping, chiropractic, rehabilitation

8601 Amber Hill Ct. Lincoln, NE (inside GoodLife Fitness)

Instagram: @delta_chiropractic

Dr. Rachel Huston – The Body Lab (It feels weird to plug myself in my own blog…but it also felt weird to not include myself in this list. It was a lose/lose, ok? Don’t judge me.

Dry needling, muscle therapy, chiropractic, rehabilitation

1415 Dahlberg Dr. Suite A Lincoln, NE

Instagram: @thebodylab_lincoln

Physical Therapists

Dr. Amanda Woodhead

Female athlete focus, dry needling, manual therapy, rehabilitation

8301 Cody Dr. Ste E&F Lincoln, NE (inside Victress)

Instagram: @dr.amandawoodhead

Dr. Troy Goestch – Lincoln Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab

Sports medicine, dry needling, rehabilitation

1501 Pine Lake Rd. Ste 20 Lincoln, NE

Instagram: @tgoetsch.dpt.scs

Drs. Stefanie Urbom & Jami Wilson – Empower Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor rehabilitation, breast cancer rehabilitation, dry needling

3900 Yankee Hill Rd Ste 125 Lincoln, NE

Instagram: @empowerpt_lnk


Maggie Bertsche – Bertsche Bodywork

Instagram: @bertschebodywork

Vital Health Massage Therapy

5550 S 59th St. #21 Lincoln, NE

Instagram: @vitalhealthmassage

Empowered Healing

2722 N 48th St. Lincoln, NE

Instagram: @empoweredhealingllc

Registered Dietitian

Nicole Legler – Always In Motion

Instagram: @alwaysinmotionrd


Lotus House of Yoga

333 S 21st St. Lincoln, NE

Instagram: @lotushouseofyogalincoln

Fly | a fitness revolution

201 N 13th St. Lincoln, NE

Instagram: @lnkfeelsfly

Brianne Bayer – Virtual yoga classes

Instagram: @roamingom


The Space with Ella

Virtual meditation

Instagram: @thespacewithella

Headspace app

Guided meditations


Calm app

Guided meditations, soundscapes, sleep stories


Source. Eat Fit

Healthy to-go meals, snacks, desserts, smoothies

1701 Pine Lake Rd Lincoln, NE

Instagram @source.eatfit

Clean Juice

Organic juice, smoothies, acai bowls, wraps, toasts

7811 Pioneers Blvd Lincoln, NE

Instagram: @cleanjuicelincoln

Juice Stop

Smoothies, juices, wellness shots, healthy snacks

Instagram: @lincolnjuicestop

New Day Coffee & Smoothies

Smoothies, coffee, snacks


Our community is a gold mine full of so many great resources and knowledgeable professionals to support your fitness and wellness journeys, no matter what stage of life you’re in. We are so fortunate to have such a well-rounded community! If you don’t already have people and tools in place to support your own goals or aid in your recovery, please bookmark this guide and refer back to it whenever necessary. And as always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Even if I am personally unable to help, I’m always happy to point you in the right direction. Thanks for reading, friends, and happy recovery. 🙂



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