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Pablo Moguel

“Before coming to The Body Lab, I had debilitating back pain that would make it so that I couldn’t walk for days at a time. I was looking at getting an invasive medical procedure done, and I needed another form of treatment before I took aggressive measures. Fortunately, I found Dr. Rachel and she’s helped not just ease the pain, but she’s given me tools I can practice on my own to not feel pain.”

Patient since: August 2020
Patient profession: Accountant
Patient hobbies: Tennis, rock climbing, hiking, cycling, golfing, traveling
What we love:

We love Pablo’s competitive spirit, always running into him at the Mill, and the amazing memes he sends us. He’s always up for an adventure or challenge and lives life to the absolute fullest; it’s an honor to take care of the bumps and bruises along the way and keep him moving. Thanks for trusting us with your care, Pablo!

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