Katie Scarlett

“As a movement professional, I have seen physiotherapists and bodywork practitioners of many techniques all over the world. Jamie is among the best that I have encountered. Her personal history in sport gives her an advantage through lived experience that is valuable. I really appreciate access to this level of professional care outside of a restrictive national healthcare system and the fact that the business is founded and operated by women is an important factor for me. No weird vibes here, simply excellent care. I highly recommend the experience.”

Patient since: July 2023

Patient profession: Pilates coach / circus coach, former acrobat

Patient hobbies: teaching pilates, loving on her dog, helping her family, visiting the ocean

What we love:
Katie is a movement professional and is a constant inspiration to us. She has dedicated so much energy into her training and pushing her body to its limits, and we are awed by the artistry and mastery she exemplifies through movement. Katie is resilient, tenacious, and intuitive, and it is an honor for us to help her body perform at its best. Thanks for trusting us with your care, Katie!

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