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Karli & Brodie Johnson

"I'm a mom and I've been coming to The Body Lab since day 1. Rachel has been there through all stages of my pregnancy: before, during, and after. I love that The Body Lab gives you tangible ways to maintain your health between visits. They really take time to listen to you and get to the root of the problem and not just do a quick fix."

Patient since: July 2020
Patient profession: Office director at First Free Church
Patient hobbies: True Crime podcasts, trying out new restaurants in Lincoln, hiking, chasing Brodie around
What we love:

Karli has the warmest presence and can make anyone feel like a friend. We love that she has trusted us with her care through all stages of her pregnancy, and what a joy it is to get to treat Brodie now as he grows and develops before our very eyes. Fun fact: Karli & Rachel grew up in neighboring small towns, did gymnastics together, and even went to the same chiropractor growing up! Talk about a full circle moment. Thanks for choosing The Body Lab, Karli & Brodie!

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