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Jacob Odum

"The Body Lab is not only a place that provides quality care, but also a meaningful relationship with their clients. For over a year now I've been seeing Rachel for a variety of reasons, and within this time I've seen her employ the mindset that 'we're all in this together'. With this mindset, she has developed a close relationship with all her patients along with going above and beyond for every single one. This is the reason why I trust The Body Lab for my rehabilitation and chiropractic needs."

Patient since: February 2022
Patient profession: Student / athlete
Patient hobbies: Napping, lifting, music, spending time with friends
What we love:

We love Jacob’s work ethic, how well he cares for the people around him, how REAL he is, and the laughter he always brings into our office. No topic is off limits with Jacob, and he is such a safe space for so many people. Oh, and no one has a closer relationship with the yellow stress ball than Jacob. ;) Thanks for trusting us with your care, Jacob! We love ya!

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