Ida Rose Sprague

“I love going to The Body Lab because Dr. Jamie & Dr. Rachel are truly the best. The amount of care put into their work is unmatched! They listen to my concerns, and treatment plans evolve to address my needs. But most importantly, I will be dancing my way into old age thanks to these two!”

Patient since: May 2023

Patient profession: Restaurant manager at Muchacho’s

Patient hobbies: Dog sitting, playing pickleball, jamming to music

What we love:
Many Lincoln locals have probably seen Ida Rose’s shining face at Muchacho’s downtown where she is the restaurant manager. We love bellying up to the bar there with a smoky margarita and a big ol’ platter of brisket nachos (and if you haven’t experienced this yet you need to get your booty to Muchacho’s ASAP).

We love how much she cares for her family and friends. She radiates positivity and is such an encouragement. She is also HILARIOUS and brings so much joy into our office. When she’s not hustling at Muchacho’s, she’s helping a person with disabilities, dog sitting, playing pickleball, jamming to music, or getting something amazing done to her nails.

Thanks for trusting us with your care, Ida Rose! We love you!

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