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Hayden Cantrell

"I've entrusted myself with Rachel for a little over a year dealing with scoliosis and multiple injuries due to my sport. She's been a great help and, with her help, I'll be successfully pursing a huge scholarship with Midland University for competitive powerlifting."

Patient since: May 2022
Patient profession: Student athlete
Patient hobbies: Powerlifting, reading
What we love:

Hayden is a badass! He discovered his love for competitive powerlifting at a young age, and now at age 17 has multiple competitions under his belt. We love how focused he is when he trains and when he comes to his appointments. He is always eager to learn and improve and is constantly working to better himself, both in the classroom and with the barbell. We love Hayden’s authenticity and how he inspires the people around him to work hard and be the best they can be. Thanks for trusting us with your care, Hayden, we can’t wait to watch you soar in college!

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