Hayden Baker

“I continue to come to The Body Lab because Rachel helps me to get back on the field and play my best! About a year ago I started having trouble with my shins and calves going numb and being in lots of pain. Rachel helped me by figuring out a treatment plan that fit my needs perfectly. Thanks to her I am able to play all season and truly enjoy soccer again!”

Patient since: April 2022

Patient profession: Student / athlete

Patient hobbies: Working out, playing soccer, hanging out with friends

What we love:
Hayden is a great athlete, a great student, and an overall great human. We love her natural leadership abilities, her desire to always be improving herself, and her love for her sport. She always brings a warm and spunky energy into the office, and it’s been an honor to be a part of her journey as a soccer player at Norris and watch her grow and improve. Thanks for trusting us with your care, Hayden! We can’t wait to watch you continue to do great things!

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