Edie Venditte

“I go to The Body Lab because I love the chiropractic and physical therapy treatment that I receive, and I also love the warm and welcoming environment. My family also loves the good vibes that are shown by both Rachel and Jamie!”

Patient since: April 2022

Patient profession: Student / athlete

Patient hobbies: Shopping, swimming, finding the best mac and cheese in town

What we love:
Edie is one of our youngest but mightiest patients of the month so far. She is an absolute STUD competitive swimmer and has been coming to The Body Lab for a little over a year to keep her body performing at its best. Aside from being a great athlete, Edie is just a joy to be around. She’s hard working, humble, funny, and cares so much about the people around her. Plus, we love bonding over our shared love of mac & cheese. Thanks for trusting us with your care, Edie!

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