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Dylan Bohlke

"I trust Rachel. She is very confident in what she does but doesn't have a mold that she fits all her clients into. She seeks to understand and to listen and to ask questions before treatment, and that's something I value a ton."

Patient since: January 2021
Patient profession: Co-owner of Adventure Golf Center miniature golf course
Patient hobbies: Working out, spending quality time with friends, spending time in the mountains
What we love:

Dylan is a loyal and caring friend and entrepreneur. We love how much he values his relationships, is intentional with the people around him, and is always seeking to learn new things. He has overcome many obstacles and injuries throughout his life and has not let them stop him from doing what he loves. If you’re local to Lincoln, you’ve probably seen his face around Adventure Golf Center in the warmer months, where he spends most of his time creating an awesome mini-golf experience for the people of Lincoln. Thanks for trusting us with your care, Dylan!

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