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Daine Patton

"I come to The Body Lab because I had some aches and pains and I needed some expert advice. Dr. Jamie & Rachel are the people to go to for those kinds of issues. I highly recommend The Body Lab for your aches and pains!"

Patient since: April 2023
Patient profession: Business owner
Patient hobbies: Working out, reading, attending NBA games, spending time with his wife and kids
What we love:

Daine is an entrepreneur and has been coming to The Body Lab since April 2023. He is extremely active and has undergone QUITE the transformation; he’s lost 116 pounds through diet, exercise, and a whole lot of hard work. We so admire Daine’s work ethic and his dedication to always bettering himself and those around him. It’s so FUN for us to work with people who are motivated, who take initiative, and who value investing in their health. Thanks for trusting us with your care, Daine!

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