Ariel Merivil

“As a powerlifter, I have to keep training. What I love about Rachel is that she is a movement practitioner who believes you shouldn’t have to stop your life or stop moving just because you have an injury. Not only did she help me with the injury right away, she gave me exercises to keep going and keep doing what I do.”

Patient since: Decemby 2020

Patient profession: Music director at First Plymouth Church

Patient hobbies: Competitive powerlifting, traveling

What we love:
To know Ariel is to know this smile (and his amazing laugh). Ariel has been a patient since the beginning and is doing badass things out in the world. Not only is he an amazing powerlifter, he’s also a talented musician and knows no stranger. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more disciplined, hard-working, and focused than Ariel, and he accomplishes anything he sets his mind to. Thanks for trusting us with your care, Ariel!

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