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"Who needs superheroes when you have Rachel & Jamie? These two women have such a wealth of knowledge and have made it so approachable to recover from any injury. From a constant nagging shoulder pain, to issues while running and lifting--I am so grateful to always have The Body Lab to rely on. They get me on their schedule with breeze and I always feel like the most important patient of the day at my appointment. Thank you for making my body feel like mine again, free of pain and ready for anything!"

Patient since: October 2021
Patient profession: Entrepreneur, owner of Grazing Gouda
Patient hobbies: Traveling, long walks, spreading joy
What we love:

If you’re local to Lincoln, you maybe recognize Alexis as the owner of Grazing Gouda, a local charcuterie business. She comes to us to keep her “salami shoulder” in check so she can keep cutting allll the cheese and creating all the salami rivers for those beautiful boards and graze tables.

We are so inspired by Alexis’s grind, her vision for her business, her intentionality with the people around her, the JOY she radiates, and her passion for community. There is a 100% chance you leave any interaction with her feeling energized and better than you did before.

Thanks for trusting us with your care, Lex; we love you!

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