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Every body needs help sometimes.

We understand injuries can occur when you least expect them, and a fast-paced life can get in the way of prioritizing your wellness.

At our practice, your wellness routine is streamlined. Experience higher quality results in less time at our one-stop-shop concept.

The Clinic

The Recovery Lab

Chiropractic meets physical therapy.

Welcome to the future of musculoskeletal care. We bring you the most comprehensive care possible for your pain, injuries, and recovery needs.

Your new wellness routine–streamlined.

We believe wellness should be accessible and hassle-free. That’s why we created our own 24-hour recovery studio and one-stop-shop concept. Experience cutting-edge amenities and classes to enhance your self-care and make your recovery days a breeze.

Hustle hard. Heal harder.

If you’re wrestling with an injury or have wellness or performance goals, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find comprehensive, hands-on care at our rehab clinic and state-of-the-art amenities at our recovery studio. We’ll help get you back on track to your goals, stat.

Patients of the month

Our patients are the heartbeat of our practice.

“As a powerlifter, I have to keep training. What I love about Rachel is that she is a movement practitioner who believes you shouldn’t have to stop your life or stop moving just because you...

“I come to The Body Lab for a lot of reasons, but really the thing that keeps me coming back is the doctors here – they’re amazing. When you talk, they don’t just hear, they...

“I chose The Body Lab because it’s not just a quick snap, crackle, pop and you’re done – they care about your form and how you’re positioned and moving because in CrossFit we don’t always...

“I’m a mom and I’ve been coming to The Body Lab since day 1. Rachel has been there through all stages of my pregnancy: before, during, and after. I love that The Body Lab gives...

“I trust Rachel. She is very confident in what she does but doesn’t have a mold that she fits all her clients into. She seeks to understand and to listen and to ask questions before...

“I’ve entrusted myself with Rachel for a little over a year dealing with scoliosis and multiple injuries due to my sport. She’s been a great help and, with her help, I’ll be successfully pursing a...

“I come to The Body Lab because Dr. Rachel makes me feel better both physically and mentally when I’m here.”

“I continue to come to The Body Lab because Rachel helps me to get back on the field and play my best! About a year ago I started having trouble with my shins and calves...

“I go to The Body Lab because I love the chiropractic and physical therapy treatment that I receive, and I also love the warm and welcoming environment. My family also loves the good vibes that...

“I come to The Body Lab because I’m reaching the point in life where I want to still compete in any activity or sport I play at a high level, and that includes preventing injuries...

“I love going to The Body Lab because Dr. Jamie & Dr. Rachel are truly the best. The amount of care put into their work is unmatched! They listen to my concerns, and treatment plans...

“The primary reason I come to The Body Lab is that when I do the exercises and find ways to heal my body here, I get to do so in a movement manner. I don’t...

“The Body Lab is not only a place that provides quality care, but also a meaningful relationship with their clients. For over a year now I’ve been seeing Rachel for a variety of reasons, and...

“As a movement professional, I have seen physiotherapists and bodywork practitioners of many techniques all over the world. Jamie is among the best that I have encountered. Her personal history in sport gives her an...

“Our patients are the heartbeat of our practice. Each month we highlight a different patient and share their story. Continue reading to learn more about the people whose journeys we’ve had the privilege of being...

“I come to The Body Lab because I had some aches and pains and I needed some expert advice. Dr. Jamie & Rachel are the people to go to for those kinds of issues. I...

"Amazing place! The Body Lab is top notch. You will never have the care and treatment anywhere else like they do here. This is the modern day way of chiropractic care. Get yourself an appointment today!"

Angie K

“As a powerlifter, I have to keep training. What I love about Rachel is that she is a movement practitioner who believes you shouldn’t have to stop your life or stop moving just because you have an injury. Not only did she help me with the injury right away, she gave me exercises to keep going and keep doing what I do.”

Ariel M.

“My husband and I go to The Body Lab weekly because we get the best chiropractic and rehabilitation in all of Lincoln. My husband is a professional athlete and receives the same level of care as he does in his profession. We also learn a lot while there and have things to do at home to continue our body care.”

Amanda D.

“The Body Lab has changed the game for my recovery. I’ve worked with so many other chiropractors, but it’s always been a temporary fix rather than long-term improvement. As someone who works in fitness, my body was in rough shape until I found The Body Lab. I now feel amazing and can’t describe enough how they’ve helped me!”

Morgan M.

“I’ve been receiving chiropractic care for 20 years and have never experienced the type of care that I get at The Body Lab. They are thorough, personable, and wonderful educators. I am consistently impressed with the work they do and will never go anywhere else.”

Kayla K.

“The Body Lab isn’t just about fixing your back pain, it’s about knowledge, trust, and building a relationship. Not only will I be back frequently, but I recommend everyone go in!”

Gavin T.

“The Body Lab completely changed my opinion of chiropractic care! I have always been lukewarm about the benefits and had marginally successful results from other chiropractors. After 2 sessions, I was on my way to feeling better. I will be a lifelong patient!”

Derek E.

“Dr. Jamie was amazing and personal! She really made me feel comfortable talking about my pain and was able to find the issue quickly and even left me feeling better than when I came in! I always love working with The Body Lab and especially now that Dr. Jamie is on board. Get your appointment made NOW!”

Aaron M.

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